We aren't your typical beauty brand

 STAND OUT                           FEEL EMPOWERED                     FEEL CONFIDENT

Our family and friends have struggled with the texture of skin and scarring. Many of the skincare products contained toxic ingredients which only caused further skin concerns ranging from acne to inflammation. 

ZCOSMO was born out of a passion for empowering people to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. For 4 years we carried out research and development, collaborating with passionate dermatologists who shared our vision. Building a brand using bioactive marine technology to tackle skin issues without the downsides.

Naturally, customers with skin issues began to try our products within just 6 weeks, all noticed a significant improvement in the texture and tone of their skin. Achieving the clear, radiant complexion desired with a self-esteem that ten-folded.

For us to not make our brand global would be gate-keeping 'happiness and confidence'. 

As the word of mouth continues spreads from customer to customer, our skincare brand is growing in popularity and demand with success in over 15 countries.

Today, we hope to offer affordable natural effective skincare products to the vast majority of us who are unable to frequently invest in extravagant dermatological procedures.

It is our mission to give everyone the chance to experience our products.

We hope you enjoy our collection just as much as we do. We've had a lot of fun bringing it to life and our skin certainly looks the part. Want to let us know how your finding our range? Just tag us in your selfies and tiktoks, using #zcosmoresults