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Ready to fade away: dark marks, hyperpigmentation, acne, fine
lines and brighten dull-looking skin?

ZCOSMO Bioactive Green Algae Peel uses advanced marine technology to create an all-natural peel. It uses spicules sourced from the freshwater lakes of Ukraine to penetrate deep into the skin, stimulating mass skin cell turnover with visible results seen from just one use. 

Our Peel results in a natural peeling effect, you'll see the visible signs of the magic starting to work within a few days! 

Why choose our peel over traditional 'chemical peels'?Unlike traditional chemical skin peels, this treatment does not use harsh acids but rather works by targeting the top and deeper layers of the skin with clogged pores and dead skin cells

Key Benefits

Reduces acne and scarring

Corrects hyperpigmentation and dark spots

Reduces sebum production and fights bacteria

Stimulates cell renewal

Stimulates the fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin

Stimulates Langerhans cells

Normalises thickness of the skin 

Softens fine lines and wrinkles for more youthful skin

Boosts blood flow for healthy, radiant skin

Brightens skin and complexion

Training Information

Once we have received your payment we will send you the following training dates available through email. Information on dates can also be found through emailing us on

Our comprehensive online training is your gateway to mastering the art of Algae Peeling, ensuring you're well-equipped to achieve outstanding results for your clients. This specialised program covers essential aspects such as:

  • Product knowledge and how it works
  • Contraindications
  • Precare and postcare 
  • Protocol of treatment
  • Sales and promotion

You'll have the unique opportunity to engage with our knowledgeable dermatologist, 

Enroll now and embark on your journey to becoming a certified specialist, poised to deliver exceptional treatments!"

Suited For

Normal/dry/dehydrated/combination/oily/sensitive skin types

Become A Clinic

Send an email to head office( with your salon details and contact information to enquire about training and opening up an account.

Alternatively you can purchase the kit online and we will then contact you regarding booking online training

We would love to hear from you.

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The ZCOSMO Bioactive Algae Peel works biologically, providing a 100% safe treatment process working from the inside out. The micro-fibres of the peeling powder penetrate the skin, increasing the blood flow and production of new cells.

  • It removes dead skin and reduces redness by increasing the number of keratin cells
  • Langerhan cells are also stimulated and the bacteria overgrowth is killed in acne, eczema and rosacea can also be successfully treated as well as pigmentation.


It works differently to any other skin resurfacer from the inside out, from the basal layer to the surface. It accelerates skin cell turn over from 4-8 weeks to an outstanding 72 hours! 


Our Algae Peel Package is designed to help clinics maximise their revenue while providing exceptional beauty treatments 

Impressive ROI: Each peel sachet costs just £8. Yet, we recommend treatment for a single Algae Peel session is around £95. For every peel treatment, you can potentially earn a significant profit, Over a 1000% ROI!

Competitive Edge: Offering cutting-edge treatments can set your clinic apart from the rest. With our Algae Peel Package, you'll be at the forefront of the industry, attracting clients seeking the latest and most effective beauty solutions.



Can I buy the BIOACTIVE GREEN PEEL© at home ?

No it can only be bought by doctors, nurses and aestheticians who are trained to perform BIOACTIVE GREEN PEEL©

How do I become a BIOACTIVE GREEN PEEL© clinic? 

Please go 'contact us' section to find out costs, training and qualification requirements or purchase our kit where we will contact you with online training bookings

Does SPF50+ have to be worn after an Algae Peel?

Yes. It prevents pigmentation from UVA and UHB rays as the new layer of skin is sensitive.

Does the skin have to peel after a BIOACTIVE GREEN PEEL© ?

No. The strength of the skin peeling is dependent on the individual's skin condition. However, this has no influence on the effect of BIOACTIVE GREEN PEEL© . The algae always initiate a renewal and regeneration process in the skin.

Does these products contain parabens?

No, you can find the ingredients at the bottom of each product description

Can a BIOACTIVE GREEN PEEL© treatment be performed during the summer time?

Yes. Our BIOACTIVE GREEN PEEL© treatment is performed in more than 50 countries, amongst others in South Africa and Australia where the sun is shining almost all year long. A BIOACTIVE GREEN PEEL© treatment can be performed in any season. Intensive sunbathing should initially be avoided after a BIOACTIVE GREEN PEEL© as the rejuvenated, fresh skin is particularly sensitive to sunlight.

My face is stinging after the BIOACTIVE GREEN PEEL© treatment is this normal?

As the peel targets deep layers in the skin, it is expected to feel stinging or discomfort for the first few days 3-5 days

The Do's and Dont's after the BIOACTIVE GREEN PEEL© ?

What to do:

• Apply a small amount SPF50+ on the skin for at least 6 weeks daily( avoid using too much as it can disrupt the peeling process)

•Cleanse with cool water until the skin is no longer sensitive

•Drink a lot of water to keep the skin hydrated

What to avoid :
•Sweating(streneous activity /hot showers/saunas) for 5 days

•Picking or peeling flaking skin

•Retinol products for a week

•Other skincare procedures for a minimum 2 weeks

•Scented products on the skin for a minimum of 1 week

Does a BIOACTIVE GREEN PEEL© treatment cause my skin to be thinner and more sensitive?

No. After a BIOACTIVE GREEN PEEL© treatment the skin is young and fresh. Of course this skin needs special attention. With every Algae peel your skin becomes stronger, firmer and resistant. Metabolism is activated, microcirculation as well as the interlocking of skin layers is improved. This in turn results in the skin receiving more oxygen and nutrients. The connective tissue fibers (collagenous and elastic fibers) are activated and metabolic wastes wicked away

Is a BIOACTIVE GREEN PEEL© treatment painful? 

Depending on the massage pressure and the type of skin, you may feel a slight tingling and prickly feeling, but no pain. The algal massage can be slightly uncomfortable but its not a painful procedure

Can I leave the house after a BIOACTIVE GREEN PEEL© ?

Every skin type and reaction is individual. With most customers the skin starts to peel on the 3rd day after treatment. On day 5, the peeling process is mostly completed. If you prefer not to be seen in public during the peeling process schedule the BIOACTIVE GREEN PEEL© treatment for a Wednesday, so the peeling process will take place over the weekend. The post-treatment will follow on Monday then and downtime (if any) is minimized

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